Favolane. Don’t let that Facebook photo you liked to slip away from you.

June 24, 2013

The Favolane Team (photo by Jeroen Mooijman)


What is Favolane and how does it work?

Every day people like a lot of photos and videos on different social networks like Facebook and Instagram, but once they’ve liked a photo, they’re not able to find it back later easily.

There are also a few different reasons why you like someting. For example, you like a photo because you think it’s a beautiful picture of beautiful place on earth, or you like one out of respect (that picture of your friend crossing the finish line of the New York Marathon), or it made you laugh, or you like a picture of the band you are following on Facebook because you think it’s an awesome picture of an awesome gig you were too, and I can think of a few other reasons.

But, once you liked it, it’s gone. There’s no easy way to find back that awesome picture of the bands gig you liked, to show it to your friends at a birthday party two days later. So basically a like isn’t that valuable for yourself. Till now…

Favolane allows you to have all of your favorite photos and videos you’ve liked on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo on one timeline. No more switching from platform to platform to find that one cute baby koala video. You can also add labels to your likes to make sorting and finding back your favorites easier. So with Favolane, liking a photo become (social) bookmarking. Eventually your ‘favolane’ fills up with your own curated content.

Next to that, we also added a feature which allows you to follow other peoples likes to find out other interesting photos and videos to like too. If they’re a ‘Laner’ (like we call people with a Favolane account), you can follow them (and of course we added a nice privacy setting too).

So basically there are three key features:

1. Remember & label – See what you’ve liked on different networks in one timeline and give them a label

2. Discover – Follow other people to discover what they like and like it too so it’ll end up in your own timeline

3. Search – Search for the labels you gave your most valuable likes and always find back that cute baby koala video.

We first concentrate on the release for iPhone, then Android and finally we’re planning to launch a web platform where you can find back everything you liked. That means not only photos and videos but also articles for example.

How did you come up with the idea?

Sander: My partner Rool and I are colleagues at the same digital agency, and he was already working on the idea of building a web platform where you can find back everything you liked on every social platform with a decent API to talk with. He asked me to make a design for that, but I refused and told him that I believed in his concept, but that I had I my own ideas about it, to make it better. We talked about it, refined the idea and decided to do this together. Rool knows everything about the code while I’m good with creating nice concepts and designs and thinking about how to reach the audience.

Rool: The idea started not long after I first pressed that like icon on Facebook. I wanted to see everything I liked and I couldn’t find it. That was the first seed of the idea. A year later every social network had its likes or +1 or favorite. While tools and apps exists to show you a combined timeline of your own content, an overview of all your likes still doesn’t exist.

Luckily most of the new networks offer API’s, and as a real code monkey I saw an oportunity.

Who’s behind the startup (location, professional background, passions and founders’ hobbies)?

Rool Paap. Founder and Technical Director, responsible for everything that has to do something with API’s and Objective C. Living and working in the beautiful city of Rotterdam.

Ever since I was a young boy I’ve been fascinated by computers. I was that little kid hacking away at his Commodore 64 in his bedroom. No wonder I ended up taking the Artificial Intelligence route at the TU Delft. During my career as a software developer I’ve always had a focus on the web. Sites, apps, content management systems, api’s, mass mailers, frameworks, I’ve build them all. Today my focus has shifted to mobile. I’m working on the crossroads between apps, data and api’s, resulting in some awesome projects.

Sander de Gans. Founder and Creative Director, responsible for concept, design and marketing. Living in a small town near Rotterdam.

It all started about 15 years ago when I build my first website when I was at secondary school. After that first website, I didn’t stop creating things that are connected to the internet.

Next to my passion and devotion for creating Favolane, I’m also Art Director at one of the top digital agencies in The Netherlands, called Mangrove. Oh and when I’m not behind a screen, you can find my where the music is, because next to that I love to listen to it, I’m also drummer in a awesome rock band.

Why did you decide to go down the startup-route instead of getting a (or keeping your) 9-5 job, perhaps in a large corporate?

Well, actually, we still have that 9-5 job! We’re running this startup in our spare time. We have to pay bills you know…

Are you guys angel funded or VC backed already? If not, are you looking to raise money and what expertise would you require from an investor?

We’re not funded in any way right now and we don’t have something planned for that too. We believe in a bootstrapped startup. At first we want to launch the first version of the app and see how the audience responds to it. Of course we do have a lot of plans for the near future, but we do not have any planning at all for getting funded by an investor.

What piece of advice would you give to 9-5ers who are dreaming to startup their own web venture?

Stop dreaming and just do it! Live your dream, try it out or you will never know if the idea you had would have been a success, untill someone else makes a fortune with the exact same idea. But don’t let that ‘fortune’ be the main reason for your startup. Making other people happy, will make you a happy person too…



Check out Favolane here.

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