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Pica Pica. Keep track, share and discover the wonderful things you found in everyday life.

July 3, 2013

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The Pica Pica Team


What’s Pica Pica?

Pica Pica is a mobile tool to keep track, share and discover wonderful things found in everyday life.

- Your travelogue/localogue
Keep a record of wonderful things you’ve experienced. A great homemade cheesecake in a bakery, awesome shoes in a store, street art in a small no-through road, a wonderful sunset in Hawaï or just whatever you loved wherever. You can add to the picture a price, category tag, description and a place. Pica Pica is the perfect tool to create your travelogue of all things you appreciate when traveling or just in your home town.

- Your city guide
People will see what you’ve picked, and you will help people to discover your city on the go. We are not tourists anymore, we are locals.
Walking down the street in Brooklyn and a little hungry? You will not have to go to Starbuck’s or Dunkin’ anymore, open Pica Pica tap on Snacks > Sweet and you’ll find John’s favorite cheesecake two-minutes walk away. Enjoy!

Pica Pica is your own city guide, filled with what you love but also with what like-minded others pick!

Pica Pica, create a guide to your city. from Pica Pica on Vimeo.

What’s the social implication of Pica Pica?

Our vision is to revolutionize local discovery by inspiring and empowering people to share great experiences. Content sharing and editorialization is Pica Pica’s DNA.

- Things first, Place second
One of Pinterest’s innovations is to be a bookmark tool of website contents (images, videos, products, …) and not the websites themselves. Users are directed to individual websites through what they contain well a treasure is more attractive than a treasure chest their is a better return on click.
Pica Pica is similar in this regard, it revolutionises the way people keep track of things they see inside places and can find places through what they contain.

- Editorialized first, Crowdsourced second
When you’re looking for great advice or great tips, you don`t ask just anybody on the street. You call someone whose opinion you value, a friend or someone else who has been recommended.
Our vision with pica pica is of a perfect social and local search engine that enables people to never miss an opportunity to live life to the full.

How did you come up with the idea?

David was moving to his new apartment and he needed a tool to keep a record of, and share with his wife, nice furniture that he found. We discussed the idea and decided to build an iPhone app that easily creates a shopping diary/guide that you can also share with your friends.

Soon after putting the product in the hands of friends and family, we realized it could be and was mostly used to share any things they enjoyed somewhere, such as a good hot-dog, a nice painting in a museum or just a beautiful landscape.

Who’s behind the startup?

Pica Pica is based in Paris.

David is a computer science engineer, who has worked for Cisco, Thales and Youmag. He is also the creator of TV Show Tracker. David loves sharing great pastries.

Charles is a mathematics engineer, he first worked in financial markets before he founded Greenub. He also worked on product development for Infinit. He is very fond of contemporary art and traveling.

How did you guys find/meet each other?

We met in preparatory classes for engineering school a few years ago. Since then, we have always talked about creating a company together and Pica Pica has made this happen.

Why did you decide to go down the startup-route instead of getting a (or keeping your) 9-5 job, perhaps in a large corporate?

We always loved building things, and bringing ideas to life. We also love the fast processes and low inertia involved with startup which help you to improve, pivot quickly and deploy and spark ideas.

We decided to quit our 9-5 jobs once we gave life to an early prototype and realized we could do something amazing together.

Are you guys angel funded or VC backed already? If not, are you looking to raise money and what expertise would you require from an investor?

Currently we are fully bootstrapped. We first want to test the product and get metrics before raising money. We will be looking for investors who are expert in user retention, recommendation and who strongly believe in new ways to change local discovery.

What piece of advice would you give to 9-5ers who are dreaming to startup their own web venture?

Find the right team, find the problem you’re really passionate about solving and Go!

Build the most horizontally and vertically scalable product. Always strongly believe in your current product but keep in mind that your product is living and should be in constant evolution. You should be able to quickly add feature and if necessary change the product vision.

Are you looking for new skills to finalize the product and expand your team?

The product is very close from the launch. We are currently looking for local experts to create great thematics guides (Bloggers, Neighborhood Specialists, or anyone with a strong passion in folding, nightlife, art, sport, …). Feel free to contact us if you’re interested!



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